Town Lincoln Franchise Transition

Dear Friends and Valued Clients,

After careful evaluation of the future of the automobile industry and the needs of consumers, we have decided to resign our Lincoln franchise. This change will take place during the month of March. In order to provide a seamless transition and fulfill all of our obligations and promises, we will provide the following:


VIP relationship with Ford of Englewood for all service and warranty repairs.

    • CONTACT: Tom Kulesa, Parts & Service Director
    • CELLULAR: (732) 672-2326
    • OFFICE: (201) 569-3106


A dedicated phone number and Lincoln concierge to handle any questions concerning warranty coverage, lease or finance obligations, motor vehicle requirements, or any other questions you have concerning the ownership of your vehicle.

    • CONTACT: Kelsey Caires
    • OFFICE: (201) 227-6513


My Office Number: (201) 816-6001

We believe our remaining Subaru, Audi, and Porsche brands provide world class products in every segment, for every budget, and for every driving experience. These three leading brands offer the full range of engine alternatives from clean burning gasoline, to environmentally friendly diesel, to plug in hybrids. In the near future, full electrification, semi-autonomous vehicles, and shared ownership will be part of the Town experience.

Rest assured we remain rooted in the values and traditions which have guided our relationship with you since 1946. Our business model, however, must be forward looking and forward thinking. We must be able to bring laser focus and the appropriate resources to delight our clients. I think all of us can agree, given the rapid changes, “The future is not what it used to be” and never has this statement been more true than today.

We look forward to serving you, your families, and neighbors now and in the future.


Robert F. Siebold